“What would your business and your life look like if you could be more urgent in pursuing your most important objectives?”
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William Keiper’s mission in life is motivation, leadership and support for businesses and individuals committed to the urgent pursuit and achievement of their important objectives. He is the author of compelling and creative non-fiction books in the categories of business management and leadership, personal transformation, self-help and success. He is known for a writing style that is direct, lean, clear and provocative. For more, view his Amazon author page.

He has served as Chairman of the Board, board member, CEO, President and trusted advisor for a variety of public and private companies. He earned a business degree from Eastern Illinois University, a law degree from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, and a Master’s degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

He offers powerful strategic and business consulting through his advisory services firm FirstGlobal® Partners.


“Why wait for a crisis to be at the top of your game?”



William Keiper is the bestselling author of LIFE Expectancy: It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Game, The Power of Urgency: Playing to Win with Proactive Urgency; and The Presidential Essays series, including Amazon for President!, Apple for President! and Walmart for President!

He is committed to an exploration of methods for pragmatic and rapid transformation to help leaders, businesses and other organizations as well as individuals deal with challenging opportunities and transitions. His objective is to inspire others to be change agents—for themselves and others—in situations where the status quo can no longer be tolerated.

His writing and books have been recognized as the very best in some of the most significant award competitions in the world:

  • WINNER – INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS – Best Personal Growth Book
  • WINNER – WORLD BOOK AWARDS – Best Self-Help & Motivational Book
  • WINNER – WINNER – THE USA BEST BOOK AWARDS – Best New Non-Fiction Book
  • WINNER – WORLD BOOK AWARDS – Best Self-Help/Motivational Book
  • WINNER – NEW YORK BOOK FESTIVAL – Best eBook (all categories, fiction and non-fiction)
  • WINNER – WORLD BOOK AWARDS – Best Current Events Book
  • WINNER – PARIS BOOK FESTIVAL – Best eBook (all categories, fiction and non-fiction)
  • WINNER – WORLD BOOK AWARDS – Best Environmental – Political/Social Book
  • WINNER – BOOK OF THE YEAR – Living Now Book Awards

For more on awards and recognition received for his writing and books, view his Amazon author page.

“A commitment to acting with urgency is a sustained, continuously renewed promise to yourself, manifested in your bold actions.”


A speaking engagement is an excellent way to introduce the importance of urgency and how it can bring about powerful results with virtually no waiting. In each of my keynotes and talks, I not only define personal urgency but bring it to life with vivid examples of urgency in action. I offer several specific ways for each member of the audience to immediately integrate a greater sense of urgency into their lives. A speaking engagement can be custom-tailored for the specific audience and objective, as well as for the needs and desires of the sponsor. I create the event is such a way that each person has a ‘takeaway’ that can make their life more powerful. I always deliver.

Keynotes, short presentations, or longer sessions affording more time for interaction and discussion—are available. In addition to the keynote topics described below, we also conduct intensive team and leadership workshops. Interested in learning more? Contact me


The question answered through The Power of Urgency keynote is, “Why wait for a crisis to be at the top of your game?” My friend and fellow author Steve Chandler wrote in the foreword to The Power of Urgency, “We have all had situations wherein we had no time to think and plan, where we simply had to respond with the highest energy we had. Later we basked in the afterglow of amazing results. This thought rose up: Hey I didn’t know I had it in me. Then, maybe years later, it would happen again. Emergency-level crisis and massive, inspired personal action taken in response. Usually extremely bold and surprisingly clever. Remember? What if we could turn this ability on and off by making a proactive decision to engage it? What if we could bring the urgency with us into situations of our choosing? What if we could elevate our consciousness into that super mind state we’re all so fleetingly aware of?”

That’s the lightning in a bottle that is revealed in this keynote.

I will introduce the power that resides in a greater awareness of the declining asset that is our time on Earth. In LIFE Expectancy: It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Game, I wrote about how becoming acquainted with the number of days likely remaining in our life expectancies, is the gateway to accessing a profound new form of self-awareness and self-reliance. I offer a no holds barred assessment about the financial challenges facing Americans of all ages now and in the decades ahead. The only dependable answer for dealing most of the risk elements we face in our world is looking back at us from the mirror.

This keynote gets to the heart of the matter for those who have decided that the continuation of the status quo cannot or will not be tolerated and why it is never too late-or too early- to create a shift. I ask and answer the question, “How can I be more proactive in the creation of the rest of my life?”

If you know it is time to become your own powerful agent of change in your own service, this topic for you. Even if everything is going well for you at the moment, if you haven’t changed your approach in a while that is a very good reason to do it. Whether you are a Baby Boomer or a part of Gen X or Y or something else, this keynote provides a clear blueprint for doing just that. It is truthful, motivating and is itself, game-changing.

Your life expectancy can be the most powerful motivator you may have never before permitted yourself to utilize for your benefit.

Regrets are like handcuffs. You can resist them. You can wish you were free. But, there they are. Painfully present, uncomfortable and in some ways—maddening. This keynote asks you to imagine your life without regrets. Or at least, as Frank Sinatra sang, “…too few to mention.” I address how to let go of current regrets and inoculate yourself against future ones. The secret sauce for doing so is something that everyone knows already and at least uses from time-to-time to good effect, maybe even frequently.

Together we will delve into the power inherent in proactively utilizing the constraint of time. We will help you reframe your concept of how much risk is too much. We will also review an excellent way to manage fear that is keeping you from taking action. If you have not yet considered how you might reduce or eliminate those hollow and sometimes inescapable feelings of regret (whether for things done or left undone), you can take action starting here.

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“Security is mainly illusory. Practice leaving your comfort zone.”


Personally and through my consulting firm FirstGlobal® Partners, world-class strategic counsel and high level advisory services are available for businesses, executives, public and private boards, investors and select individuals. The most powerful way to accomplish a rapid transformation from “what isn’t working” to achieving your important objectives, is through a direct consulting engagement. My experience has prepared me to be an insightful and effective catalyst for change where change is hard, or the time has come for rapid growth or a strategic redirection. An exceptional sense of urgency will be brought to your most challenging situations.

“You are—right now—as qualified as anyone in the world to pursue and get what you want though the power of your urgency.”



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