The Presidential Essays

Our continuing insistence on maintaining the status quo in the management of our republic could force upon us, at some point, a much more chaotic kind of change. My hope for The Presidential Essays is that they serve as a wake-up call for the need to adapt our approach to government, and its management, to the requirements of our time. The unique management expertise that could be applied by the leadership of Amazon, Apple or Walmart would surely change our fiscal approach and the accountability for getting a return on the tax dollars. Now is the time to be both creative and flexible in addressing our leadership and economic challenges.

What about having the management teams at Amazon or Apple Computer or Walmart run the business operations of our country? The purpose and themes of The Presidential Essays series is to make the case for each of these outstanding U.S. companies and management teams to do precisely that.

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Each volume in the series has been customized to reflect the unique qualifications and readiness of each of the company’s management teams as the proposed candidate. Most elections offer at least two candidates, and each of us usually views one as more qualified than the other. The Presidential Essays offer an opportunity to compare highly qualified but very different candidates.

Our current form of government—operating under the same structure first adopted when our Constitution was ratified in 1788—has not kept up with the complexity and pace of our times. Consequently, no individual president—no matter how brilliant or gifted with leadership and other skills—can show the way forward in the creation of a new economic platform.

We need a flexible democracy to meet the challenges of the times. Creating a shift of the magnitude now required will require applying the best of our political leadership and the best of our private sector acumen and brilliance.

The Presidential Essays have received rave reviews (see below) and has received many awards in competitive writing and book competitions. Some of the awards include: WINNER – BOOK OF THE YEAR – Living Now Book Awards 2012 (Apple), WINNER – WORLD BOOK AWARDS – Best Current Events Book (Apple), FINALIST – THE USA BEST BOOK AWARDS – Best Current Events Book (Apple), FINALIST – NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS – Best Current Events/Social Change Book (Apple), FINALIST – THE USA BEST BOOK AWARDS – Best Current Events Book (Walmart), WINNER – WORLD BOOK AWARDS – Best Political/Social Book (Apple) and FINALIST – GLOBAL eBOOK AWARDS – Best Current Events/Political Book (Amazon).